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"As a soloist, I'm average at best. But with the band? There's nothing better, I promise you." — Bono

by David Park

Thank you security guard for letting me through the gate. Thank you U2 for letting me see you guys for free, probably for the last time, since I was unable to get tickets for the upcoming tour. (btw, if anyone has an extra ticket to sale me, please email to davidmpark2003@yahoo.com)

Overall, the lighting/stage were similar to Elevation. Instead of a heart, it was a oval circle. One improvement is a huge curtain of light reflectors/projecters that is lowered from the ceiling and turns into a huge screen, creating a 'Popmart' type of presentation. This resulted in a wonderful cinematic element to Bullet, Streets, Vertigo, and Zoo Station.

The highlight for me was after the 1948 UN Human Rights prsentation, when they started ZOO STATION. All 500 of us started going Nuts !!! and Bono acted like there was 50,000 of us - I forgot what a hip band U2 was during the ZOO TV days. This song really brings out the swagger in the band. I think ZOO STATION will be the highlight for many U2 veterans, such as myself.

As far as sound, the band hasn't miss a beat and Bono's voice appears to be ready for the big tour. Again, the setlist is also very interesting as | was delighted with the band bringing out classics like Electric Co., but missed by favorites - 'Bad' and 'With or Without You'. Anyhow, I am sure the band will adapt the setlist to accomodate their loving fanbase.

Well have hope this gets you excited about the show. It should be great !!! For those going, you are very lucky.

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