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"When people ask us what our influences are, we always say, 'Each other.'" — Bono

by Kavorka(jim)

I got in during yahweh. I didn't realize it started so early, and i didn't think i would get in. They actually let whoever showed up in for free.

I thought it sounded excellent besides a few kinks. Bono's voice didn't seem loud enough at times. Running to Stand Still really stood out. Vertigo frickin' rocked. I want to not like this song for several reasons, but it's just to damn good. The stage had circular red rings zooming around during Vertigo, and a few fans had these cool "U2//" bullseye light pins they turned on during Vertigo. I want one!

The stage was similar to elevation tour. Bono got political on several occasions. Like another reviewer stated, the UN bill of rights was a bit of a downer. I appreciate it, but... it didn't work as well as the connection with the song "one" and the www.unite.org. That went smoothly.

Overall, i was throughly impressed, and excited to start the tour.

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