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I don't do many interviews because it's all in the lyrics. -- Bono

by Megan Small

Oh, man. Before the concert, I didn't sleep for like two days. U2 is the rockingest band in the universe!!! They kicked major bum in Los Angeles! I went with my best bud who introduced me to U2 in the 8th grade (I'm 18 now). We were so excited we peed every 20 minutes before we left for the show. Even though there was major traffic pile-up, everybody was blasting U2 and screaming and laughing and talking to each other; great camaraderie existed for a few hours in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, we didn't get really close seats, but they were close enough. We sat right behind Billy Zane, if anyone knows who he is. My bud Kaytee was forever dancing and smiling whereas I cried whenever they sang most of their old songs. I loved it to death! I have a U2 necklace from their Achtung Baby--ZOO tour thingie that I have never taken off; this may be a little extreme, but I nearly was fired at a job because I refused to remove it.

Anywho, to all the U2 fans out there, I wish that you could all see U2 at some point in your life and I wish that some of you lived by Kaytee and me; we get bashed too much for defending our beloved Bono, Edge, Larry, and Adam! May U2 rock forever!!!!

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