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"I think God gets annoyed with the gifted. We should know that our work is no more important than a plumber's or a carpenter's." — Bono

by Maryam Joon

Seeing U2 live was a dream come true! They kicked arse!! I had waited too long to see them live and I must say it was like a spiritual experience for me. Everything they did and every song they sang was incredible. I loved Adam's get up by the way! The tele wasn't as big as thought, but I wasn't in full view of it either since I was in the stands - I was in row 10 though and could see Bono's face well when he came to our side.

I was surprised they sang so many of their old songs! I can't even describe how good this concert was in words! I thought they did a great job with Miami and Bono was great! I never liked the song "If You Wear That Velvet Dress" until I heard it Saturday - it was probably the hightlight of the concert for me, Bono's voice was phenomenal! Oh, I never saw Edge slip and fall!?!?! 8^o When Davy Jones got on stage I was in shock! I had just met this guy in the parking lot, shook his hand and got his autograph on an old damp piece of paper I found on the floor before the concert! It was amazing!

HIGHLIGHT of my night: Even though U2 left immediately after the concert in a green Suburban, I decided I would sneak into the after party anyways. While waiting to get in I meet Molly and Chris of SNL, Quincy Jones,and JOHNNY DEPP (!!!). Inside I met the lead singer of Green Day(Billy Joe?), Dean Caine, and ..... THE EDGE!!!

Yes, The Edge. It was 2:00am and I was waiting to talk to Dean Cane (superman on TV) when my friend taps me on the shoulder and whispers "Edge". I immediatley turn around a see him practically running to his car with like 4 bodyguards close by. I ran after him and tried talking to him and asked for a picture but he said no :( and got into a car and left. At this point a guard charges towards me and yells at me and demands I leave or he'll kick me out since I didn't have a pass to be back there. I walked away in complete shock and bliss. I will leave you with this and GO SEE POPMART and LONG LIVE U2!!

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