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"I can cry when I'm singing, literally. I can get very, very into it." — Bono

by John Lordan

The boys were on! I caught them in Vegas, and then LA, and it was a completely different show. In Las Vegas, they seemed rushed. Kinda like they wanted to get it over with. In LA they were indulging. They finally defined (and refined) POPMART.

One highlight was during Until the End of the World, when the Edge accidentally slipped and fell, and Bono sang "I kissed your lips, and broke your fall". Another highlight was during Edge's Karaoke. He started singing "Daydream Believer" and a verse into it stopped, and said "I think I'm in trouble" then Davey Jones climbed onto the B-stage and finished the song, while the Edge worshiped him in "were not worthy" Wayne's World fashion.

Missing from the usual setlist was "If God Will Send his Angels" my wife's fave POP song, but hopefully we'll get to hear it in Seattle. It seems they've added an acoustic "All I want is you" NICE TOUCH!

Rage was okay, Howie B was.. Howie B, and the Coliseum was obviously not sold out, but it is a huge venue. You couldn't even see the Arch until you were inside. Still, POP ROCKS!

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