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Bruce Springsteen. . . . with those brooding brown eyes, eyes that could see through America. -- Bono, induction speech for Springsteen at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

by Dave De Waard

It was another great show, if I was asked which one was better between Vegas and L.A. I would have to sat they were equal in greatness. Although seeing the huge screen helped with the show, but I was not there to see screen, but the band. In Vegas I could not see the screen as I was right of the side of the stage.

The acoustic version of Staring at the Sun brought the people around me closer together. Davy Jones was a nice surprise, but my day was made when the band walked in as I managed to get within 5 feet of them as everybody else on the aisle did.

Well I am off to Mannheim for another show. I hope it is as good as the others.

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