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Bruce Springsteen. . . . with those brooding brown eyes, eyes that could see through America. -- Bono, induction speech for Springsteen at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

by Jaded

I'm a bit surprised by all the stellar reviews. I've seen U2 in Philly at least once on each tour since ZooTV (sometimes twice) with the highlights being ZooTV in Sept. 1992 and Elevation in June 2001 (PopMart in June '97 was a close third). The last two shows I've seen, Vertigo in 2005, and 360 last night, were, in my opinion, flat and uninspired with the exception of 3 or 4 songs at each show. While flawlessly playing from a technical standpoint, I couldn't help but shake the feeling the band were just going through the motions, which was a bit sad for me.

That said, "Zooropa" was performed quite well last night (although I found it disappointing that I was the only one within a 30-foot radius who seemed to know the words to it -- and I was on the floor), UTTEOW was powerful, ISHFWILF was touching, and "Magnificent" was pretty inspiring considering it's one of my least favorite songs on NLOTH. But the energy and passion I used to feel at a U2 gig have been lacking the last two times I've been to one, so I'm questioning whether I'm ever going to feel that way at a U2 show again. Oh well... there's always next tour, I guess. Until then...

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