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"So one of the reasons we invented this entity Passengers, is to allow U2 to be somebody else besides U2, I suppose." — Brian Eno

by Darren O''Beirne

My third night of Pop. This time it was inevitable I had to get wet. I had avoided the rain at previous concerts, now I knew it was my destiny. Having accepted my fate I positioned myself by the little stage.

Be tha hokey, Edge looked surreal as the band filed by during the intro. That hat, the hairy upper lip, he'll never be a fashion icon. Funniest thing all through the show (and I don't encourage this behaviour), was some git throwing balls of paper at Edge's hat as he played on the little stage. I swore it was going to fall from his head and reveal his baldness. Fortunately it didn't, though it shook worryingly several times.

The karaoke song tonight was "Whiskey in the jar". Edge didn't have to sing much, the audience would have drowned him out anyway.

Diana had died that morning and we all waited for the reference. It came late in the night. The TV showed five large images of Ms. Spencer in technicolour in the style of Warhol's images of Monroe. Bono dedicated MLK to her saying "I was surprised how much that affected me, we're alot the same: the English and the Irish". It was how we all felt, Bono put it into words though. MLK took on a meaning we could all understand now. "One" followed. This had been dedicated to Bill Graham the night before, tonight its relevance was very obvious.

Following the concert "Candle in the Wind" broadcast at full wattage. We all departed slowly, wiping the rain from our clothes, the beer from our hair and the tears from our eyes.

Goodnight and goodbye U2. Goodnight and Goodbye Diana. See you both again and for a very long time. Mr. Harrison, my sweet Lord, where are they now?

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