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"I would hate to think everybody was into U2 for 'deep' and 'meaningful' reasons. We're a noisy rock 'n' roll band." — Bono

by Dan Ontengco

The Opening gig, in Lakeland Civic Center on February 29, 1992 was the greatest concert of my life. Me and a group of friends waited 12 hours to get tickets at a local music store/ticketmaster location. Out of three hundred people waiting in line I was one of six people to get the four ticket maximum. The concert sold out in 3 minutes.

Arriving before the concert, we watched as cars carrying the U2 members arrived. When Bono got out of the car he walked about 100 yards to our small crowd (50-75 people) He stoped a few feet from the security line and made a wild twisting Elvis move that made the crowd go crazy. He then straight faced walked back to the arena. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen. Before that I was only a fan, since then I have been a fanatic.

The concert opening was awesome. Zoostation and the new ZooTv screens were awesome. It all blew everyone's mind. Nobody had known what exactly to expect. It was a wise choice to start out with 8 songs from Actung Baby, as it rreally made everybody, even the older fans get into the new songs. Thoughout the second half of the concert, I was just praying they would play one more song. As soon as it was over I was ready for more.

In closing, the concert had this electricity that I had never experienced before. And those of you who were there that guy with the sign saying "I still haven't found what I'm looking for- U2 Tickets" he got in, he sat right behind me.

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