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"I love hymns and gospel music, but the idea of turning your music into a tool for evangelism is missing the point. Music is the language of the spirit anyway." — Bono

by Molly

I spent 18 hours in line to get tickets to this show, I was not successful, however Bono and the Boys gave a dress rehearsal and invited the people who were lined up at the back of the Civic Center to come in. My daughter and I (she was 14) were part of the lucky few that got to watch about 3 hours of their "opening show". We had to remain completely quiet since they were taping, which we all managed to do. On concert day a friend called, she had gotten tickets via her brother via the band so I did get to go. The Civic Center accoustically is a great venue and this show was one of the best U2 shows that I have been to. I have photos and all the newspaper clippings, it is one of my fondest U2 memories.

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