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"It's always confused people — quoting scriptures and then swearing at them." — Bono

by Stephanie Turner

First off, i'd like to say that Bono's voice as improved a lot. It was amazing hearing him hit such an amazing high note in "please".

I went to the hotel they were staying in on the 12. A couple of friends and I bought cokes and chilled by the bar. Lo and Behold, Adam was sitting on the couch. Then ten minutes later Bono and larry joined him in the bar. We were about ten feet away (the Edge had left earlier)! It was hard not acting like a crazed fan and imbarrasing myself in front of...hello...Bono! After that experience thought I could die right then and be happy but I had the concert to look forward to.

I thought the concert was very emotional. Luckily I had great seats and could see his expressions as he sang. i was surprised that he sang so many of the old songs. But it was really great listening to their old stuff. Maybe it was just me, but I was blown away by bono's voice. All of the songs were very tight and i felt a lot of closeness between the four guys. Standing there and listening to them and experiencing the magic bono has over his audience is something I will never forget. signing off.

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