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"Politicians don't turn me on, politics doesn't turn me on, the way music does." — Bono

by John Larrazabal

Rock music in America has it's head up it's ass as far as I am concerned!

This concert was absolutely brilliant and way ahead of it's time. Name me one show that was better! You can't. The critics can keep their dying breed of half baked rock 'n roll; this show points to the future and is very fresh and full of heart. Bono has a rapper's swagger on stage and the band is playing better than ever. Along with the thunderous beats U2 doesn't forget the beauty of a song. Through the colors and flying designs you can see what you could always see in U2; a band that gives a damm about living life to the fullest with beauty and spectacle.

Hail, hail U2 for searchings for new ways to say things to us that are very true and looking cool all the while. You have not dated yourself one bit and everyone must catch up to you!

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