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I think it's hard to come to a U2 show and just eat hot dogs and drink a soda, and not be moved by it. -- Adam

by Flopek

After moving back home to the Great Northwest, I was able to attend my second U2 show ever. It was definitely a very spectacular show, except where I was sitting. I had balcony seats in the very back. It didnt seem that much of the crowd was in it from where I was, but it might have been because the Kingdome was so huge that most of the cheers werent getting to rest of the dome; glad they blew the place up, it sucked. However, U2 was nonetheless perfect in their performance, and put on a very heart-sent performance giving that is was their last stop on the third leg of their tour.

Now that Ive been to a show on their Elevation tour (20 20 hindsight), I know now what Bono meant when he said, The next time you see us, things will be different. U2 is better experienced in a small venue with less visual distractions, since all seats are close. Thats just my opinion.

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