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"I basically assume that every single group, or religious community, has a problem, is in some way screwed up. I don't believe that there is one single, perfect spiritual way." — Edge

by Shawn Bison

Well, as expected, U2 came back in full force last night and trumped all expectations as to how they'd translate their brilliant North American arena show to the enormous football stadiums of the Old World. Almost immediately, Bono and Clayton made full use of the two B-stages, things I was skeptical about at first. It really looked marvelous.

And the music? Well, since I'm going to see every single Europe show, I thought I'd focus on one song for each show, and then some. Today I only feel like talking about "Vertigo."

Chicago's own Greg Kot complained to Bono, and whomever reads his column, that "Vertigo" will forever be remembered as a commercial and/or spark thoughts of Apple and iPod whenever heard. So this might be true, but I think the average human can have complete control over his/her psyche and just let the song be what it is... a great rock tune.

"Vertigo" last night was played twice, and in my opinion, wasn't played enough. U2 has transferred this song to the stage brilliantly as a thumping vehicle to pump up any audience they might be threatened with. I have a good friend who complained about Bono's "yeah yeah yeahs" at the end and its lack of intelligent breadth, but to me, especially live, that's the most important part. "Vertigo's" YEAH chant is the prologue to U2's plea for action, understanding, and cause.

See you in Germany.

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