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"I'm a minimalist at heart. If a song doesn't need a solo, I'm not going to force one into it." — Edge

by Reinhard

I arrieved in Brussels on Thursday evening at 20.45 ride on time for the final soundcheck. Their were about 300 people around the stadium. On one side of the stadium the gates were open because their are 2 Sports Center and they still were open so i could go inside and had an excelent view on the soundcheck.(setlist is already known)

During CoB the Security pushed all people out to the outer fence, but still excelent sound. After the soundcheck was finished i waited about an hour for the band, we were told they are at an aftershow party. I met a girl from Washington DC who said he had never seen U2 before and came only for this concert from DC, nice.

After nearly one and a half hours wait for the band we got tiered in waiting and i had to find a place to stay. So i went back to my car. I went back outside Brussels and found a motel. Next morning i go up at 6 cause i couldnt sleep any longer, got myself ready and made my way to the Stadium. I arrieved their at 8.00 am. About 100 people were waiting their, I had no ticket by this time so i checked out and asked around for a box office. This was going on now for the next 7 hours, walking around the stadium asking for a ticket and asking security for a box office. Finally i got a verry good seat on the main tribune with an excelent view on the stage.

The people around me werent really U2 fans mostly VIPs and their families/friends etc. I standed up for the last song before EVERYONE, i could the the Band coming behind the Stage from my place.

The Band came on stage, Vertigo Europe was about to start.
Edge played as an intro for Vertigo Native Son wich blasted into Vertigo, no snippet into Vertigo was a bit dissapointed. Next Unitl the end of the world from now on i had the feeling the setlist will follow the soundcheck from the night before.
Electric Co. on stage that was the moment for me.
It took me 20 Years and 36 U2 concerts to hear that tune!!! including "sent in the clowns" and something i havent figured out yet but it was deffently not the usual thing as in everyother setlist posted.

The Belgium Crowd wasnt really excited only at Vertigo the jumped up and got a bit on ELEVATION.
On New Years Day with an new intro they freaked out but on BEAUTIFUL DAY they came back to silence. This was holding on until SUNDAY their they jumped and freaked again.

The new songs beside VERTIGO didnt get the crowed excited also not BULLET or RUNNING.

RUNNING TO STAND STILL the best version until now on VERTIO TOUR!!! Bono sang after the harmonica part to the end "still running" "still running" but the crowd didnt get it.

PRIDE another moment for the Belgium Crowd another Crowd pleaser. STREETS fantastic " the quallty moves on"! ONE long intro talking by Bono about Aids, Africa etc. shame it had no snippet in the end.

And now ladies and gentelman ZOO TV TOUR is back into Europe! ZOO STATION another highlight of the show with spastic dance by Bono on the screens as it was last time 93 at ZOOROPA TOUR. Great moment the gigantic screen was filled up with images of the Band and an gigantic Z for ZOOROPA! THE FLY now as allways great. And the MYSTERIOUS WAYS for me personally a downer song cause way over played.

After a short break the Band came back with a blasting "ALL BECAUSE OF YOU" the crowd wasnt really into it even not for an emotional "YAHWEH".

And then Bono asks "what do you want now Punkrock or Popmusic"? I shouted Punkrock and hoped for Out of Control but it ended up again into VERTIGO but this time including "STORIES FOR BOYS".

As the Band went of stage and the lights turned on a big "buuuuuhh" sounded through the Stadium the crowed wasnt really pleased with the ending.

As an result it was a good show for a tour start but nothing in compare to the last shows in the US wich i personally say they were way better.(from the setlist point of view).

Today i will have a break to get ready for Gelsenkrichen tomorrow and hopefully a better setlist!

cheers to u all

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