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"Music's the thing that stopped me from falling asleep in the comfort of my freedom. I learned about South America from listening to the Clash. I learned about Situationism from the Sex Pistols." — Bono

by balder

Last night was just amazing !
We arrived at the stadium at app. 2pm, there were already a lot of fans waiting in front of the gates.
The atmosphere was relaxed but still you could feel the exitement growing as hours passed by.
At app. 4 pm the main gates openened.
Now we could enter the stadium but were not allowed at the field yet.
We could here al last soundcheck by the band and now the tension was in the air !
When we were allowed on the field we (the ones with blue zone tix) could easily find a space in the zone between the 2 B-stages.
We chose a place right between the 2 B-stages.
The Thrills and Snow Patrol were given a big applaus, they played their best and were treaded with respect by the public.
Finally U2 arrived on stage !
Everyone,everyone was blasting through the speakers and the stadium went nuts !
Vertigo set it off and Belgium was on a 2 hour trip ...
Highlights were New Years Day, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Running to stand still (what an emotion ...), and One with tens of thousand cellphones light up.
Maybe the sound wasn't always good but thats due to the stadium I'm afraid.
For me it was a perfect, beautifull day ...

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