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Shaman, shyster, one of the greatest and most endearingly naked messianic complexes in rock and roll. -- Bruce Springsteen, on Bono, at U2's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction)

by JW

What to say about this show...great lightings, great atmosphere, and probably the best live band in the world, but still, there was something missing, something that makes the difference between a good show and a show you won't ever forget.

First of all, as was mentioned before on this site, the sound was awful, especially the first five or so songs. Fortunately, it got better along the way. Secondly, I can understand that when you play on a new stage design, you don't wanna take a lot of risks when it comes to the set list, but it ain't good when someone can literally predict what comes next after each song. It would have been nice to have a few surprises here. After their first night in San Diego they called it some kind of extended rehearsal, and I kinda felt like it was in Brussels as well.

But still, as said before, it was a great show. Highlights for me were LAPOE which works great live, it really lifted off the show. SYCMIOYO is great although starting it with a heartbeat that abruptly stops after a few seonds is kinda freaky, the song doesn't need crap like that to make it work. I heard some people complaining about SBS and Pride getting played over and over again, but hey, unless you go to a U2 concert every week, it still works very well, and the crowd responded great to it. Pride running into streets works very well also, and it's fun to have them showing the red backdrop at the very end of it, like some kind of wink to all of you that have been complaining about it being not used in the first leg of the tour.
I'm not a huge fan of zoo station but the visuals were great. the fly was definetely one of the highlights, this song just works awesome live.
So, to sum it all up, great show, but let's hope they will mix it up somewhat and please, please, fix the sound system!!! And by the way, please use COBL a little later in the show, great song, great visuals, but it would work so much better when the sun's down!
Will see them in amsterdam and can't wait to be there!

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