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The good news from our point of view is that [Bono] prefers working on music more than anything else. And also he's unelectable. -- Edge

by U2joost

It is the morning after and I'm waking up slowly, because of the trip back to Holland. Finally reached my bed at 04.15 this night, and that's mainly because of the three hour wait at the parking lot of the stadium after the concert, due to traffic jams. The security at the Koning Boudewijn stadion was very poor. No wristbanding, no safety checks, no drinks inside the stadium. BUT, enough complaining, U2 was great! Sure, we didn't get Crumbs or Electrical Storm, as I was so desperately hoping for, but hey, there is no such thing as a bad U2 concert! They kicked ass! Although nothing tops the POPmart videoscreen, this new installation is creative and as soon as it gets darker, gives us some spectaculair visuals. Lots of memorable moments! Love and Peace or Else is very red, very intense and it is spectaculair to see Bono do the drumming. Bono adds a few lines from 'Please' in Bullet. Bono thanks Irish Mary Robinson, who is in the audience tonight, for here work. By the way, who are these people in the crowd that are holding up photographs of Bono's father during SYCMIOYO? I don't get that... Other memorable moments: Zoo station and The Fly! these songs sound and look better than ever before. It's also very weird to see an entire stadium lit up by cellphones instead of by cigarettelighthers during ONE, I must be getting old..... Finally, Bono asks Larry at the end what he wants to play as a closing song, 40 or Vertigo again. I can't remember the exact words, but it was something like: "Do you want the Hymne or the punkrock, Larry? You call the shots!" It was already on the setlist, so Larry bursts into Vertigo... Bono: "We have played this one before, but we are F****** going to play it again!" And it must be said, Vertigo is much better in the dark, with the full support of the screens and imagery. God what an exiting start of this European leg! Amsterdam, here I come!

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