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"What happened to all those rock dinosaurs of the 1970s was that they got loaded, they got their fancy cars and they started owning fish farms in Wales." — Bono

by B200FT

Some Comments:

* "Until the end of the world" did not work as I expected or at least the audience dit not react to the song as I thougth they would (maybe because it is one of my favorite songs, I expected to much)
* on the classis songs (Pride, Sunday, New Years Day) the chorusses were sung that loud by the crowd, that I could not here Bono anymore.
* as far as I could tell, non or very little backing tracks were used, maybe for one. This might be the reason why they do not play songs from Zooropa or POP.
* Although the sound was not good, SYCMIOYO was the goose bumps moment of the concert
* At a certain moment (I cannot remember when, but I think it was at the start of Mysterious Ways, Edge had problems with his "ear-monitor" and was making signs to higher the volume or something.
* Great Solo in Bullet, kind of laid-back, what created a special tension.
* Preaching of Bono was short, so it dit not "bug" people as it sometimes did.
* Visual show was good, with a lot of references to the ZOO TV-tour, but certainly no overkill.

If the sound quality would have been as good as the music, this might have been the best concert I've ever seen.

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