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"There's nothing wrong with catching the subway in New York — you don't have to get a stretch limo." — Adam

by manxman

Last night was an amazing performance. Ive seen U2 many times, probably before a few people around me were even born. Ive been reading reviews of prior shows including some of the complaints, and all I can say is some people just like to complain. We had incredible seats thanks to my fan club advanced purchase. Bill Gates was just a few rows in front of us, so I think the band really tried to put the fans right in with the VIPs. I know it did not work for everyone and we felt very lucky just to have tickets, much less such great ones. Love and Peace is a killer opening song. It set an emotional intensity that seemed to carry through the night. I know some people say the crowd was not really that enthusiastic but I respectfully disagree - at one point the lights were turned up and I saw thousands of my fellow fans pulsating with a deep passion and love for the band. Also, many people have complained about songs like Sunday Bloody Sunday, Pride and New Years Day being old and stale. But there was such a love and passion when they were played. I could see The Edges face during Pride and it looked like he was playing it for the first time. How could I not be swept away? The highlights for me were as follows: Streets - This song is pure perfection and Bono belted it out with a purity and love that cant be explained. I hope every fan can hear it like I did. Electric Co. - I remember listening to Under a Blood Red Sky and thinking how cool it would be to hear it live. I never hit a show with that in the set until last night, and it exceeded my expectations. The Fly - at the end all four guys were facing each other playing. The looks on their faces showed they still love playing together and you could feel the friendship. And of course closing with 40 - it was pure magic. Bono is the best front man in the world. Edge is a genuis on the guitar. Adam was really into it, walking the stage and his playing has really gotten great. Id love to be the guy that sells Larry his drums. The force that he plays with is incredible - I cant imagine how many kits he clobbers on tour. I cant wait to see them tonight. My seats will be nowhere as good but I know Im lucky to get to see the best band in the world two nights in a row. If you are going to a future show I hope you have as good of time as I did.

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