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"We realised that there's only a certain amount of Joshua trees you can chop down." — Larry, on recording All That You Can't Leave Behind

by dkim

This was my fourth show of the tour (12th since 1992) and despite the static setlist and Bono saying nearly the same exact things, I felt an energy in the band that I hadn't in the other shows. Compared to L.A., for example, where it seemed most people were there just to be seen, I felt that this crowd was into it (contrary to another review here).

The first half of the show was particularly good with both the crowd and band feeding off each other. I could tell from the way Bono was jumping around and moving that he was enjoying himself. I think he really enjoys Seattle and he made tons of references to "Seattle, Puget Sound, new Pearl Jam album on it's way (Eddie was there). I think he even said "I love this city" (somebody confirm this for me). The fact that it's a northern port city must remind him of Dublin. Bill Gates has also done an enormous amount of work for poverty relief in Africa and that is something, love or hate Microsoft, that you cannot ignore. A little bit of the energy in the crowd went away during the second half of the show, but it was still great.

I loved seeing the wave (in the city where it was created), the beach balls bouncing around the arena, the giant banner waving in the Ellipse. There was a very festive feeling in the air.

As I mentioned before, the setlist was identical to several other cities and the only redeeming factor regarding these static setlists is that Bono and the band somehow play the songs as if it were the very the first time. I don't know how they do this with the same passion over and over and over. I think I heard Bono mention something like, "How can you not sing something like Pride In The Name of Love without the passion it deserves". For anybody seeing them for the first time (and only once), the show is amazing and admirable. For someone who's seen them 4 times, it's not as powerful, but still surprisingly enjoyable. The setlist is not for those seeing multiple shows but for those seeing them once/maybe twice. My favorite songs to her live so far in the tour have been Electric Co., Vertigo, Elevation, Gloria, COBL, Running To Stand Still and One.

I'm taking my little sister tonight, who has never seen them in her life so I am excited for her. She's very excited and I can't wait for her to experience U2 live.

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