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"I have a female assistant that would like to sit on Larry's drum stool. A male one, too." — Bruce Springsteen, at U2's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction

by Jeff


I was a senior in high school, and this was our first big concert. The first thing I remember was walking through the parking lot, and having several people ask me if I was interested in buying any weed or crack. Uhm, no thanks.

Something tells me the seats on the field were general admission, because we walked down the ramp, on to the field, and pushed and shoved our way to the front, near the stage.

I was a new fan. I had Joshua Tree and Under a Blood Red Sky. I didn't know all the words and I certainly didn't know what to expect from the show. Heck, it was 14 years ago!

Three (3) things stuck out: The "All You Need is Love" intro going into Streets. I'll never forget the black sky being lit up by all of those lights. Incredible. I also remember Exit, with the pulsating orange lights under the backdrop of the joshua trees. Every time the song kicked, the lights would flicker, then come bursting on when Edge hit the cords. Very awesome. And finally, I remember Bruce Springsteen coming on stage to sing Stand By Me. I was stunned.

I don't remember much else. I do know it was a fun night and they sounded great and I saw Bruce!! Oh, and I remember the preshow tape, and how it went on forever and ever. I remember one of the songs on the PA ... a Johnny Rotten song. We kept singing it over and over.

This was my first U2 show. And it pretty much hooked me for life. I've been a huge fan ever since. I've now seen them play 14 times, including 5 on the current Elevation Tour. This show on a warm September night in Philly was the start of it.


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