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by Dianne Franklin

Despite having left home at 4h30 on that Saturday morning I was still wide awake at 1the following morning. The reason,of course, being the last concert of U2's Popmart. I was right in the front on the railing to the left of the scene when facing it.

Because the concert was broadcast nationally on the South African Broadcasting Corporation at 10 we were all stunned when the music started at 9:30. I just caught a glimpse of Bono as he came around from the back of the stage (I missed the other guys). As you all doubt know by now the concert was absolutely brilliant. A so-so U2 fan is now a complete fanatic. I appreciate good music and was absolutely stunned by the different versions and adaptations to the songs. The way particularly Bono and The Edge related was incredible. The drum beat on the end of BTBS made my hair stand on end. Just as Bono sang "I can see the fighter planes," a small commercial aircraft flew by the stadium. This was just coincidence!!

My friends taped the TV show. I will be buying a video machine the weekend!!! I too will be taping it for the car as the entire 2 hours 15 minutes plus is incredible. I urge anybody involved with U2 to make a proper CD of it because it was simply too much to deny the rest of the universe!! Get it if you can. We also got to see an hour from a Popmart concert in Mexico City on TV and I assure you the vibe + the sound are nothing like it. I am still wearing my armband for the Golden Circle on my arm, not having the heart to remove it.

The only band I still wanted to see was U2 and now the only band I still want to see, remains - U2!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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