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"Live Aid — that's why I went to Africa and that's how I've ended up doing what I do. Outside of the band and my family that's the most important thing I'm involved in." — Bono

by Francois Mulder

Saturday night i was rather deaf and got in bed @ 2am - but sooooooo excited. A dream came true. There's this ultra marathon in South Africa - 90 kilometres (60 miles?). Once the winner commented looking @ the crowd still finishing in the heat 7 hours after him, that they experience the true spirit of the event. So was the U2 concert. 35 metres from the front or was it 50? Seeing the screen beautifully, but having to stretch to see the stars we wanted to thrill kiss, hold, &kill :-). Afterwards smelling from beer, nicotine, marijuana and dripping from sweat, but happy after a truly spiritual experience. It was the best worship of God I ever had (even better than church where I lead it) when we pleaded with God in 40 and throughout.

The event was broadcast semi-live over national television. Semi because the show started 9:30 and on tv @ 10 so they could squeze commercials in - so popmartish :-).

Looking 2 the show afterwards on tv I got the best of both worlds. Live the vibe and crowd.....tv the quality and some moments you missed in the crowd.

I taped it from my VCR to tape - great listen in the car. Anybody wanna trade? I need Achtung baby & Zooropa on CD.

What a mess afterwards. Interesting - selling beer in plastic bottles - good thing :-). Were there from 5:00. Tickets (ours) cost 170 rand each for me and my youngest brother - I made him the U2 fan year's ago, so he bought the tickets. We sang "how long to sing this song probably for 5 minutes and heard some music and went wild!!!

But that wasn't them. Just a cd. Then: looking for baby Jesus under the trash.

U2 - thanx for blessing us. We'll pray for you guys. Peace to you and fans all around the world.

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