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"We're suspicious of doing what's expected of us." — Edge

by jznyd

Digging deep in the memory banks for this. But, it is not that hard as this band can make an impression on you. Sat about 5 rows off main floor, 2nd section from stage on Adam's side. Energy of the crowd and band was very high. Crowd sang along throughout the entire show. No one sat down. It seemed like a revival. While I had seen a some real good high energy bands before U2, this was definitely a different vibe with higher energy and more crowd involvement than I had witnessed prior. Was really pleased to hear many of the early career staples: 11 O'clock Tick Tock, Electric Co, I Will Follow, Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Years Day, Gloria and 40. It was the War album that really turned me into a U2 fan. Still have that old 33 rpm album. Really liked the Unforgettable Fire album and those songs were excellent too (A Sort of Homecoming, Bad, Pride). But, the best of the show for me was the tandem of October into my favorite, New Years Day. Everyone left that arena still singing 40 long after they left the stage. A few months later they would put on that great performance at Live Aid and increase their stardom to another level.

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