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"I love to write, and that's what I'd do if I couldn't still perform. The deadlines are something I'd have a problem with." — Bono

by Andrew A

We showed up at about 6pm to the GA line (we were in the u2.com line there were more like 500 people in the other line.) My wristband said I was #255 and we went inside about 6:30 P.M. Very few people got lucky with their ticket being scanned and getting into the "bomb shelter." I think we saw only one out of about 20 people or so.

So we went to the bathroom really quickly and then went down to the floor. We didn't lose a spot or anything because they were very slowly letting people in (about 5 at a time or so) and ended up standing next to the people we were in line with earlier. We were about 5-6 rows back from the edge of the ellipse (only slightly off to the left of center - Edge's side.)

Kings of Leon were so-so. They seemed to be thankful that the crowd was friendly than the night before but they didn't have any stage presence. After Kings of Leon a bunch of people tried to sneak up front but there was nowhere for them to go (and all the fans in front of me had waited hours in the GA line so they were not going to let them cut in front of them either.)

The concert was very good (can there be a bad U2 concert?) It was cool to see it with my bro and friend (first time seeing it with either of them.) I liked the opening with City of Blinding Lights because of the flickering bits of paper falling in the dark and Bono popping up on the ellipse center (instead of on stage) made the whole thing very surreal. Vertigo really rocked too (I liked the stories for boys inclusion at the coda of the song) cool red everywhere and great intro musically too.

Other highlights were: Love and Peace! - very rocking and crazy part when Bono and Larry were on the ellipse (that's kinda when my group got separated due to the crowd going wild- a very sweaty and perhaps my favorite part of the night!) The song is still stuck in my head!

I also liked the inclusion of Hands that built America into BTBS and hearing Gloria & Electric Co. was really cool (especially Gloria!). I liked the acoustic version of Yahweh as it made me appreciate the song more.

Zoo Station was very awesome! (I still can't believe they played it! and seeing The Edge come strutting out all cocky like with one of those headset microphones was cool.)

The band messed up during Elevation (repeating a part in the beginning) which was cool to see Larry laughing at Bono and then singing with him to get the timing right (when they go from the just Bono singing to all the band coming in for the 2nd verse.) I also liked how Bono put his hand on Adam's bass to stop him for a cool soft acoustic ending to Yahweh and how Bono had to stop Edge and Adam because Edge was in a wrong key during 40. I like all that band technical stuff and seeing them communicate even if they are mistakes (like during Walk On back at the Chicago Elevation shows.)

My criticisms: I could do without another Pride and New Years Day (they should pick something else from War like Two Hearts Beats as one.) They definitely should do more from the new album like Crumbs from your Table and Original of the Species. Also, Electrical Storm would be cool. I would have liked to hear some obscurities and anything off of Zooropa (Lemon, Dirty Day...) and Pop (Gone, Last Night on Earth, Please...) which they ignored.

Also, Bono's voice wasn't the best near the end of the night. He is doing more of the trick of pulling the microphone away from his mouth when he gets to the high notes and lets the audience sing more. For example, he didn't sing the middle part in All Because Of You (when he hits that note when the music fades out before the last verse.) The Edge's voice sounded great though.

The video and audio for the Human Rights thingy seemed out of place and out of sync. Edge was still playing Running to Stand Still when the video without audio came on, then the audio started with #3 after he finished and ended abruptly when the band started playing again. This could be smoother.

Overall, it was pretty good but very much like Elevation (though the nifty beaded "screen" was Popmart ish) and I liked the older stuff (basically any songs that they didn't play on the Elevation tour were thumbs up for me!) and to improve they should change their set list even more so.

You should definitely check out a recording of this show (it is better than the other California shows so far from what I've heard.) Email me if you'd like the link.

I'm definitely looking forward to Chicago as they (based on Popmart) are very tight and have much perfected their tour by that point.

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