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I'm a guy with no mid-range. I'm all bottom and all top, emotionally. -- Bono

by Britbratbubbles

This is a review for the 3-30-05 U2 show in SD.

When reading this, keep in mind that this is an account given by a U2 fan for MANY YEARS that has NEVER seen them live before.

We, my bf and I, were running really late. It should have taken us about 3 hours to get to San Diego, from Los Angeles, we made it to the venue in less then 2 hours! We had about 30 mins before the show started, and we couldnt find parking. A parking attendant at the venue told us that the lot became full 3 hours earlier! So at 5pm the parking lot as already full! I didnt want to miss the show so I got out of the car and went into the venue, and my bf went to go find legal parking, which he found about a mile away.

As I was trying to find the correct door way entrance for my seat, when I heard music. Everyone just started saying, Are they playing? or U2 is on!. There was chill that went down my spine. Excitement filled the air, and people started running to their seats. I was able to find mine in the mist of the joyful madness. I knew that I was going to have a high seat located behind and to the side of the stage. However, the venue was small, so I was actually really close to the stage (I wish I would have brought a camera!) I was seated on THE EDGEs side of the stage. So the whole time the Edge and Bono where in full view!

When U2 came on stage there was a rush throughout the crowd. I have been to hundreds of concerts, and this was only the second time I have seen the crowds react this manner. Every single person was on their feet cheering with their hands in the air. U2 commanded that oval stage and we the audience worshiped them for it. They where the preachers and we where the choir ready to sing in full force to convert the masses. I hate to say this because this reaction is very unlike me, but I cried, never has that happened to me at a live show before.

I wish I could explain the emotion that these Rock n Roll Gods were able to create. Its just something that you have to see for yourself to clearly understand. It was phenomenal, magical, even spiritual. You walk away with this peaceful calming feeling in your soul. Everyone in the crowd became one. It didnt matter what: race, age, income level, old fan or new fan, we were all united. It was amazing and beautiful.

The highlights for me were the songs Elevation and 40", and I didnt even go to the concert for those songs. In fact Lisa told me about the song 40" just a few days ago. I enjoy these songs, but I wouldnt say they were my favorite U2 songs. With this in mind, these songs played live took on a different life. When we the choir sang them, it became a force so powerful I looked around for speakers behind me. I just could not comprehend the idea that EVERYONE was singing! When I looked around behind me, I didnt see any speakers, I saw every mouth singing along, as one. Moving...just moving. I cant wait to see them again in November!

If anyone is going to see them on this leg of the tour, I have a forewarning, shirts are $35 dollars (they are very nice though), and a vintage war shirt they are $90 dollars.

I could really go on and on about this show, but this post is long enough already. Its really an experience that you have to share with others.

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