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"Most important, his is a voice shot through with self-doubt." — Bruce Springsteen, on Bono, at U2's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction

by Michelle

Amazing, as always, U2 was amazing. This was my 5th time seeing them, and I'll be at the Staples show on Tuesday.
My entire family are huge fans. My brother flew out from Salt Lake City to take me down to San Diego for my birthday. There just aren't words, are there?
Me...hearing Gloria....live...straight from the band...are you kidding??? How did I get so lucky? I realize this technically should be a "review", but I suppose I will never have anything negative about to say about the boys. Can't help it, I love every little and big thing they do.
I was surprised to read a couple of negative thoughts regarding Zoo and Fly. I totally dug it! When Bono came jumping down the catwalk with that Fly kick-thing...just about screamed my head off!
Bono banging the drums, very cool man, very cool.
Vertigo Live, blew the roof off the place.
Pride, One, Beautiful Day, oh forget it. It all rocked!
I better read all three of my brother's comments on up-coming shows! Do you hear that boys??? I want to hear about San Jose, Phoenix, Salt Lake City (and wherever else you plan to sneak off to go see them Matt!!).

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