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"(Zoo TV) is a means for us to plunge 20,000 people in confusion." — Adam

by Miguel Galvez

I have been on both shows at SD and I will be at Anahein on saturday 4/2 and LA on Nov 1... Awesome.

After been on the first 2 shows I started asking myself what is this tour about ?

Zoo TV was about media, Popmart about going to the store and buying all kind of crap, Elevation about Heart and Soul and going back to the roots.

So what't this Vertigo tour about ???

After the 2nd show at SD I kind of believe this tour is probably about time traveling.

When they played Electric, Cat and Into the heart on 3/28 I felt like going back to the Dandelion Market when they were very young.

When they played Electric and Gloria on 3/30 I felt like going back to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

When they Played Zoo station and The Fly I felt like going back to the Zoo TV tour, they even have all the messages on the curtain, awesome, my first experience with U2 Live was at the Zoo TV.

When they played Running to Stand Still I felt like going back to the Joshua Three tour.

But it is also a travel to the future, not only the past...

When they played Pride, Streets and One, dedicating them to Africa and asking to sign on the ONE campaign, for a moment I also felt like flying on the time towards the future (at light speed of course), I do not know how many years, 10-20-30-40 ??? and I saw Africa on peace with no starvation, people with hope and faith and a better life and an opportunity to survive not out of pitty but out the incredible power on people getting together and changing what's wrong, and if I can say, I also saw Latin America's conditions improved.

So get ready to travel on time when you go to the concert.

I am sure, time traveling was not intended by U2 and their staff, but on the road while dismantling the atomic bomb, they have found what science has been trying for long time: how to TRAVEL AROUND TIME.

The only adjustments I will suggest on the tour are...

1- play Pride, Streets and One right after the human rights video.
2- play Yawhe by mid concert (is not a closer) or replace it for Crumbs.
3- Zoo Station and Fly as an encore after One.
4- Keep the crowd traveling on time with songs they have not played in long time.
5- And PLEASE take us to the Unforgettable Fire era with Sort of Homecoming and Unforgetable Fire.

I have been on evry tour since the ZOO TV, so going back to the era I did not witness (80's) is awesome, magic, mystic.

It's a great opportunity to be there for a moment and not only watch an old video or listen to some old bootleg.

Enjoy your trip !!!

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