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"I am 'David Evans' to customs officials, policemen and sales assistants." — Edge

by Kerry O''Brien

My wife and I flew from Austin to see the March 30 show. I have seen them 3x before. I was 4 rows up directly to the front right of the stage. I was about 35 feet from center stage.

I loved the show and was going crazy on my feet the full two hours. But, they have a long tour ahead. I hope their hearts are in it, especially the Edge. He seemed the least excited to be there. Yes, I agree that Bono's voice sounds thin now after years of wear.

High points: Love and Peace, and the way that live really improves that song. Gloria, nice surprise.

Low points: Yahweh - beautiful song, but they do it in an acoustic version that cuts the whole middle section. The orchestration on that song was complex enough so that I didn't think they'd play it live. I was left wondering if they really wanted it to be an acoustic number or if they simply hadn't practiced enough together to get a good full version of the song.

Also, it's cute that The Edge and Adam switch instruments in "40" as a tradition, but if you're going to do that, make sure you know what you're doing. The consensus seems to be that The Edge was playing the right fingers on the wrong strings so that he ended up starting in the key of E instead of A. But Bono handled it exactly right by stopping the song and clearing it up and starting where he left off.

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