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"Belief and confusion are not mutually exclusive. I think belief gives you a direction in the confusion." — Bono

by Jonny O

Unbelievable! What can I say... I had my first U2 experience last night and it was definitely an experience. Only one word can describe it: unforgetable. It was beautiful. The band was awesome. Bono was on top of his game for sure. He interacted with the crowd the whole time and even played the harmonica and the drums. Edge was rockin' out along with the rest of the band. A DOUBLE ENCORE! You can't beat it. Played so many good songs. Good mix of new ones with older ones. Wanted to hear my two favorites, "I still haven't found..." and "Kite," but hey you can't have everything. I think I might have literally passed out if they played them. They have so many good ones though. Danced the whole time I can hardly move today. Bono is such a great entertainer. I have been to a few good concerts and this was by far the best one. They seemed supernatural the whole time until they messed up a little bit on "40" but Bono stopped and got it right like the professional the he is. They haven't played it since the early '80's and it just went to show that they are human. In my opinion though... the greatest band of all time! I'm still on a high from it.

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