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"This is the stuff that in the end makes us what we are. It's the stuff that you can't leave behind, the personality of the band, the way we interact with each other." — Edge, on All That You Can't Leave Behind

by Erik

Another solid show (better in my mind than Mondays--especially since An Cat Dubh was replaced with Gloria)

The timing of the lighting was better and the synchro for the UN rights was correct. And it is kinda cool to see the womans face in the smoke(try to look for it, it's an interesting effect)

The sound mix was better tonight (the band had really drowned out Bono on Monday), however Bono isn't quite yet up to form (but who can blame him, the songs are tough to sing)

Love and Peace or Else is still the best song in the set, it really cranks when played live

They still didn't change any of the old songs, which is a bummer. It's like watching the Elevation Tour on dvd. But they play perfectly, so that makes it a bit more acceptable.

And dammit! why such a lack of video images? Spend some time programming, the light curtain is great, but the images suck. I'm really surprised at Willie's lack of effort.

Overall, it's still gonna be one of the better concerts anyone could see. But this band has a much higher standard, and they're not living up to their potential.

I'll wait until the 3rd leg to see them again, hopefully they will have really spiced up the show by then

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