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"Live Aid — that's why I went to Africa and that's how I've ended up doing what I do. Outside of the band and my family that's the most important thing I'm involved in." — Bono

by Jonathan Reimer

Ok...Wow with a capital W!!!! I have never before been blown away by a concert quite like i was tonight! The Bomb Shelter was rockin! Believe it or not, I'm still shaking! The new stage, although a little reminiscent of Elevation, looks great and the songs off the new album sounded better than ever.
City of Blinding Lights is the best concert opener you could ask for, Vertigo was awesome, Yahweh was bliss, and Love and Peace or Else was crazy (the intensity of that song followed by Sunday Bloody Sunday and Bullet the Blue Sky was almost too much for me to handle - but i made it through LOL) Go U2! The boys were on their game tonight, phew, what a setlist.
I'm glad that they decided to swap Gloria and With or Without You for An cat dubh and Into the Heart - it would have been cool to hear those rare oldies...but nothing beats hearing Gloria live again after all these years. Zoo Station followed by The Fly! I couldn't believe my ears. Tonight really was a treat, there was magic in the sweet Southern Californian air.
Bono sounded great, his voice only faltered a wee bit on the harder rocking songs but he kept his usual vocal brilliance in the beautiful balladry of One, Miracle Drug and the show stopping Joshua Tree classic Running to Stand Still.
The highlight (of course), and the single most spine-tingling moment of any U2 concert - was the church organ and The Edge's shimmering guitar intro to Where the Streets of Name. The arena was literally on FIRE after that one!!! I could hardly contain myself. I went to 2 shows in L.A. during Elevation and 1 during Popmart, and this was far and away the best Rock and Roll concert I've ever had the good fortune to attend. Those of you lucky ones who have tickets to the Vertigo Tour are in for the night of your lives I Promise with a capital P.
Finally, I loved Bono's shoutout to the man Eddie Vedder! Pearl Jam Rules! U2 Rules! Life is good, what a show. God bless Rock and Roll.

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