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"We never suffered from that indie mentality of 'big is bad.' A lot of groups that could've gone on to make amazing music crumbled under some sort of inverse guilt or mistrust of success." — Edge

by The D.O.M.

I have had the good fortune of attending shows every tour, since the Joshua Tree era. As I grew older ( though on the edge of turning 40...) I intensified my need to be at shows ...I am not greedy/compulsive - I have yet to follow them around state to state , but I do catch multiple shows in my city of angels on every tour - saving my pennies a year in advance for this indulgence.

I trekked to SD on Monday the 28th, and wanted to be what I told my friends "to me - was the Super Bowl Of Rock and Roll". I probably would prefer to watch the actual SB with friends somewhere at someone's pad, but I had to be at this show .

Well my ticket broker "extraordanaire" of a pal "PSAN" happened to score a pair of GA's to the opener and let me have em for a steal....

and I was there !

KOL - loved em "good choice"


The chords are so sweet as it begins and the journey is smooth sailing.... I enjoyed the ups and downs of different eras rekindled and a splash of socialism tossed in ....yet I have so many personal favorites ....

It is minimalistic- yet there is so much still to swim in. It definitely will please the masses - as the tour gains momentum.

I never seen Bono bangin a drum..and I was 10 feet away when he did ...

so I look forward to a few more shows in the next few days and before the holidays, before they cut out to Europe..... and I do hope they are active as they said they would be, and rotate the catalog ...there are so many treasures to weave into the air - every night

Proceed - at full speed, Gentlemen !

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