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Our first experiences with live bands were bands that had a political awareness, and it always felt natural for us to include it. -- Edge

by Scott

I attended opening night and has upper level seats that I bought on Friday due to the release of tickets. I was going to pay a scalper for GA's but after attending I am glad I had seats. The show was very good, lots of excitement. The set list was very good but the flow was tough at times. Zoo Station and Vertigo were 2 of my highlights and I was not looking forward to Vertigo. Bono did not sing to the best of his abilities, but it was opening night. Less politics and more singing. Bono was very excited and got fired up when speaking about world politics, take that energy and put it into the songs. The floor was very crowded, not the egg, the regular GA. Bono did not utilze the egg very much. Fans on the outside were going crazy but Bono stayed on the stage for most of the show. The back of the stage got lots of attention, which was deserving. I have GA's for Wednesday and would probably trade them for lower level sides. After elevation I said that I would never go back to the seats but the egg is awesome but very tough due to lottery selection. The outside will get better as the band gets more comfortable but Bono was very reserved and I am assuming not much will change in 2 days. Overall, very good show and glad that I made the trip from the East Coast. I agree that this tour will take off in a few weeks if they rotate songs, utilize the stage and figure out the lottery for GA. Hope this helps, I wouldn't get rid of all my GA's yet, I think it will get better as the tour progresses. However, if Bono stays on the main stage seats are the way to go!!

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