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Boywas the opposite of machismo. I do think it's very unusual. -- Bono

by CJ

I am a 31 year old U2 fan. I sat upper left of the stage, side view. For me, U2 has always been about their music. Recently I was trying to pick some songs of theirs to be in my wedding, but realized, they often sing about the journey, and let you make your own decisions. I needed a destination song & nothing fit.

I felt the same last night, definitely part of a journey for them. It was very interesting seeing them be mortal. They are flawed, make mistakes, have bad nights, still have to figure it out. They still made magic at times, but didnt have a consistant flow & definitely lacked the cohesive passion refered to in other posts (ie: for excellence, see Elevation Tour LA dates). It is about the music with them & it wasnt there in full force last night.

Other bands would kill to even have a chance to have their shows/songs actually be about the music, but they just dont have the substance. I prefered seeing U2 swing & miss, than seeing a well groomed, syncronized "commoditized" act.

That being said, they were not great last night. At a $100+ a pop, you could argue they should be every night, but you cant just open the lid & pour out a great show. Will be interesting to follow this site & see how they do over time.
You always have to subtract a post here or there thats maybe at their first show, though there is no shame in that. I really would love to see how this tour ends up, my money says they have it together within 10 shows.

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