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[]That idea of me being like the leader of the nation of the imagination, that's interesting. -- Bono

by cassandra

My first U2 concert -Loved it!

Bono signed my picture before the concert - that was so fun! I never bothered to do such a thing before. (out side by the loading dock) I had pasted in Santa hats, and a picture of myself with the band - Bono's toasting. We had waited for 2 hours, and I was right up front, but got pushed back by the crowd when he arrived. I held it over people's heads, he saw it, and said in his little Bono Irish way: "Awww - that's cute!" and signed it! This was such a great night!

I've been a fan for 20 years and finally everything fell into place for me to see them live! Im grateful the band doesn't put much store by those who write in criticizing them for playing the old classics - I would have been absolutly crushed and disappointed! Some of those songs still give me a chill or bring a tear to my eye as I sing my heard out in the car! They continue to play those songs for fans like me who havent had a chance to hear them live.
My current favorite is City of Lights - what a fabulous, grand opening. After watching the DVD from Chicago, I sooo wanted to be in GA for City of Lights, with the confetti sparkling down - what a thrill that must have been. (I was "elbows on the stage" for a Springsteen concert once, which has spoiled it for all other seats...was totally jealous of those up front!)

Regretfully the only 2 seats I could get together were some "nose bleed" seats in the 300 somethings behind the stage. I guess if you have to be in the 300's - behind the stage was actually pretty close compared to those at the other end of the stadium - thank goodness we had good binoculars!

People writing in are so critical about those sitting down during the concert. Let me say this about my section - even though I chose to stand for most of the songs,I could understand people sitting - the perspective from up there can make you dizzy, plays tricks with your equilibrium - its a very odd feeling. Perhaps it's age connected :-)
My boyfriend sat down most of the concert due to feeling dizzy (luckily for those behind him - he's quite tall)Thank goodness we were at the center and end of the row - we could actually see the stage and screens. Both of us agreed - we absolutely MUST get better seats next time!

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