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"I'd have ended up being some kind of bad landscape gardener or something. So I much prefer this." — Adam

by Alan Lapointe

Different. Half of U2 doesn't equal 50% of U2. That's because their sum is so much greater than their parts...and while this was nice (especially "One"), it would have been fun if Edge charged up a guitar for at least one song. Usher was the most rock and roll person there.

No lining up at 5:00 a.m. and trading stories and food with devotees. No adrenaline rush to the 360 stage. No David Bowie introduction.

Instead, for $115 each, my wife and I sat directly in the center of the Bowl, enjoyed a wide variety of acts, saw a real former President and a real Secretary of State, watched too many show biz people congratulate themselves, and happily saw the Two Great Men play for 40 minutes. I have to report - lots of people left for their cars during the first song.

It was kind of like seeing U2 in slow motion. No Rock. No Roll. Kind of a sway. I don't want to sound ungrateful. It was Bono and Edge under the moon, after all. I've seen U2 36 times and hope to see them at least 36 more...but this show could have used a rhythm section.

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