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I remember the frustration of hearing a melody in my head but not being able to quite put it down. So you learn to rely on other people, the band, and you start thinking that's a weakness. But it's a strength to rely on others.-- Bono, 2004

by Julie

Thrilled to have been there (albeit in the cheap seats!) to witness a truly unique show- and one I will not soon forget. Absolutely gorgeous vocals from Bono, changed lyrics, beautiful timing, perfect setlist. The inclusion of "A Man and a Woman"= a gorgeously sung song by Bono and nice accompaniment by Edge as a set starter was a huge surprise. Random shrieks were heard throughout the crowd at the beginning when it started. Pity the people who were around those of us who appreciated this rare moment. :)

I thought Sunday Bloody Sunday was particularly poignant and appropriate considering the climate of the country right now, and Clinton's part in the Irish peace process. Other highlight for me was strings on Staring at the Sun. Sonically perfect and what a backdrop to the gorgeous Bowl setting: illuminated trees and a glowing moon.

A few minor mistakes that just made it a reminder it was a live one-off event, didn't detract from the quality of the performance. only real criticism was Bono could have talked less, he went on and on between several songs. Could have fit another song at least in there. I noticed lots of crowd exodus in between and during the set, that said it was late and you don't want to miss your Bowl bus. A reminder we were not a U2 concert, but a benefit with a crowd who had their own favorites.

Of the non U2 performances, Lady Gaga really stood out for me. Not just because I'm a fan, but she really is a great performer/entertainer.

Great intros and speeches by President Clinton and Chelsea and Laura Ling. Bill giving Edge props for Music Rising.

Bonus: wandering around the top of the bowl watching the fans wearing their U2 shirts/hats etc.

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