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"I can cry when I'm singing, literally. I can get very, very into it." — Bono

by Bob Iannaco

My wife and I were at the show in Montreal Saturday July 9, 2011. It was AMAZING!!
Even with 80,000+ people it was an incredible experience.
The music was rock on, the sound and lights were dynamite.
I have been to many many concerts, but this was my first U2 concert.
The crowd was great, rocking and singing along to every tune.
Well behaved crowd, I saw no problems, which is a testament, I believe to U2, and the type of crowd they have follow them.
My wife was most impressed with the vast amount of people there, and ALL singing.
Some folks are complaining about getting to and from the venue.
I cannot
I think Montreal did a great job.
Sure the Metro was packed, and you had to walk 20min to get to Stadium, but it was "A Beautiful Day", and WELL WORTH IT!
Getting back to our hotel in downtown Montreal was ame. 20 min walk, stuffed metro, but hour+ we were home, and NO traffic to worry about.
All that on top of an A#1 SHOW!!!


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