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"Politicians don't turn me on, politics doesn't turn me on, the way music does." — Bono

by Sarajevo Marko

Well, I know many people have different opinions for every show. And many of our opinions of U2 shows are determined by what we expect, who we're with, our own mood, or whether or not we are surprised. For those of us who have attended a number U2 shows (For me, 7 this year, from Philly, to New Jersey, MSG, and now Hartford) each experience is different, and unique....and can be either good or bad...depending on our perception and expectation.

My brother and I purchasing our tix through ETS (for the first time)...and those of you who are shut of the regular ticket buying should always but from them...they are reputable, fair priced and very, very nice. Buy from them and never from scalpers or E-bay! They had a great pre-show party with food, fun, and The Unforgettable Fire cover band warming us up.

After the party, we proceeded to the arena with our GA's but didn't scan into the ellipse. This was our 7th show and were thinking, oh no, shut out again. This time, I had brought my "Sarajevo loves U2" sign with me. Our family comes from Croatia and Bosnia...and we always have deep and fond memories of the band making sure the spirits of the citizens of that city remained high and ensuring the world would not ignore our plight. Anyway, at the back of the arena, I found Zip, a U2 road crew member, and I asked if there was any way he could get us inside the Ellipse.... and explained how important the band was to out country and family during that time.. and I had the banner. He said he'd try...and after 2 attempts, he came back with Ellipse wristbands!! I can't explain the happiness. Many, many thanks to a very nice and understanding crew member.

Anyway, we got inside, and stayed right on the Edge's side. At the end of Vertigo, Bono was at the back of the catwalk on Edge's side, and I put up the sign.....he seemed mildy surprised, flashed a smile and gave me the peace sign. That was worth finally making it in after not making it into the Ellipse all other 6 times!

Anyway, back to show opinions and reviews....I have been to better shows, (in the heart, MSG 10/24/01) and have seen them with more energy...but when one brings sheer enthusiam to a U2 show and leaves all the other expectations and memories and hopes aside....one does come away with an awesome experience.

They are simply the best band in the world...with the best fans. What we experience each time we see them is a memory that will last a lifetime. I took over 150 pictures...many came out good...and will be posting later after my battery recharges. Thank you to all the great U2 fans around me who understood the reasoning for my sign and who were enthusiastic and good natured throughout. It was a pleasure to watch, sing and dance with you all! Seasons greetings and peace to all.....until next time........

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