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"[Bono] gets impatient in the studio, and we tell him to f*** off, go and meet George Bush. And he does! . . . And then he comes back and he's been working on a lyric and he's fresh and really into it. So it does work out." -- Larry

by Susan

I have always wanted to see U2 in concert and I can finally cross it off my "things to do before I die" list! My ears are still ringing as of this morning! I thought the stage was awesome, I had really great seats and could see the guys up close! I was happy with the songs they played except for all the Lennon/Beatle songs. I understand its the anniversary of Lennon's death, but I wanted to hear U2 songs!! I thought Bono did an awesome job on Miss Serijevo! At times, I felt the "music" was too loud and really couldn't hear Bono's voice that well, but maybe it was where I was seated. All in all I was just happy to be there!! Great concert!

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