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"Politicians don't turn me on, politics doesn't turn me on, the way music does." — Bono

by Tom D

This was as good as Hartford is ever going to get. I was at the Elevation show and tonight blew that show away. Everything sounded great. Sound mix sounded fine to me and this was my 9th and final show of the tour. Setlist was good too. The Zoo TV songs are great, especially End of the World when Edge rocks it out. For all those expecting their favorite deep track, get over it. They aren't playing Hawkmoon. The crowd was as good as any non-Boston or NYC show.

The only negative were the morons on the floor pushing and shoving everyone before they finally got tossed out during streets. Only in Hartford would I expect such idiots.

Nice to hear snippets of many Beatles/Lennon songs. Made this show unique and fun. All in all, a great way to cap 9 great shows. Thanks U2 and thanks to all the fans I met, especially the guy from Australia tonight who flew out for THIS show. Hope it was worth it mate...Cheers.

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