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"What a city! What a night! What a crowd! What a bomb! What a mistake! What a wanker you have for President!" — Bono, in Paris, on Jacques Chirac, 1995

by Javier ''zoofly'' Acosta

Great show. look at that setlist! The little things here and there make these shows unique. The Hartford fans were great, and the Civic Center being an older, smaller venue gave this a more intimate feel (as opposed to Boston or Chicago). The band didnt care, Bono mentioned something after 'Streets' saying "what a feeling it is to walk out of the shower and go to work and listen to such an amazing noise!" (I paraphrase) The band was frisky tonight. First time Ive heard 'Gloria' and it was very good, and I was actualy impressed by it (unlike the album version). 'Original' was strong, Edge did piano tonight on it (I was hopeing for guitar) and as much as I love the song..maybe 'Miracle Drug' is a better fit live. 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' got EVERYBODY up and in a perfect U2-ish kind of way, the young boy brought up to lead the 'NO MORE's!' name was Jacob and once he got the hang of it, he really had fun belting it out. 'All sons of Abraham'

Bono nailed 'Sometimes' brought the house to its feet during 'Miss Sarajevo', and got the crowd amped for 'Pride' (Edge's guitar had more bite than usual on this one.) 'Help' at the end of 'One' seemed an improve, as Bono and Edge didnt seem to know the correct chords, but it was a treat at any rate. 'Until the End of the World' sounded as strong as ever, and watching Edge and Bono both doing full throttle laps around the ellipse was great (When do we ever see Edge run? Really!). Bono paid a lot of homage to John Lennon, and 'Instant Karma' was actually very good. Most of the crowd knew it, and even when Adam and Edge had a misstep, they pulled it out by heading into another chorus! Adam seemed a bit restrained tonight, only a couple laps 'round the catwalk. Larry showed his love, with lots of waves and high fives.

While not the best show out of the 4 Vertigos ive seen so far, it wasn't the worst. It was solid, and you take what they give you. I left happy, yet; 'I want you some more. I want you some more.....'
Thank you, boys for the good times.

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