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I literally get into the clothes at the end of the bed. If somebody doesn't take them off and wash them, things would probably get a bit high. -- Bono

by sec 217 row U

My ears are still ringing a bit. I first saw U2 at this same venue 20 years ago in 1985. Seeing them in 2005 was kind of surreal. (Am I really here seeing U2?) To sum it up in a sentence it was a good show but at the same time I walked out disappointed. I have seen many, many concerts over the years but I thought the volume was too loud, especially on the high end of Edge's guitar and sometimes I couldn't hear Bono's vocals so I have to give the sound mix a C-.

Since they have about 100 songs to choose from now it's likely everyone will have songs they wanted to hear but didn't. Bono referred to John Lennon often and threw in bits and pieces of Beatles and Lennon tunes. These were nice but personally I would have much rather heard a couple more U2 songs --

...you can see the set list on the previous page and I would like to have heard; Bad, New Years Day, Walk on, Kite, Crumbs, Hawkmoon 269 and Heartland. I can still remember 20 years ago how blown away I was with 'Bad'.

U2 is one of my favorite 2 or 3 bands so I'm bummed to only say it was a so-so show but thats what it was.

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