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"If the reason you joined a band was to get laid, get famous, get rich — they all went by the way fairly early, so all we're left with is . . . make that record." — Bono

by Bono picked me!!!

Bono picked me!!!
This was a dream come true!and don't think i'll ever get over it! I feel slightly sick when i look back at the photos, and still cant't believe it was me! Unbelievably, i managed to get Bono's attention during the Zoo Station. He sang ' I'm ready....' and I was shouting back 'for the crush'. He teased me by stretching out his arm as if to reach out and touch and then just walked away. I was already thinking 'wait til i tell everyone i got his attention.' Then, unbelievably, during With or Without You, he comes back down to get me!!Points right at me and tells me to come on stage. Everything went into slow motion after that and i couldn't even hear you 50 000 people around me! He could tell i was shaking so he kissed me on the forehead and caressed my head!! Then, he gave me kissed my hand four times and i quickly gave him back a kiss on the cheek, UNBELIEVABlE! (thanks Alan for putting my pic up!)

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