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I'm not sure the Vatican people have as much of a sense of humor as the pontiff. -- Bono, on the Vatican not releasing photos of his visit with the Pope

by Mac

As i was leaving the stadium a girl walked past me saying that her home stereo sounded better than what we heard tonight which i agree with 100%.
After the 1st 2 songs everybody around me had a look of horror on their faces as it was quite possibly the worst PA any of us had heard even at the SECC and that's saying something.
It appears that unless you were at the front or in the BT stand directly facing the stage you were subject to the most awful sound, all bass & echo.
Never have i been to a concert and found that the bootleg i got the day after sounded better than what i heard at the stadium.
I was also dissapointed at Bono, his voice was strong but his timing was terrible during certain songs, only watching The Edge made the night for me.
These comments might annoy a lot of people but i have seen U2 over 60 times since 1983 and this was the most frustrating night i've ever had because you could tell the band were playing well and it was a great set list but we just couldn't hear it properly.
I also sympathise with those whose seats were directly in line or behind the stage, i would sue the promoters/band for this as no restricted view notices were posted for these seats so it was misleading to sell tickets for a show you couldn't see or barely hear.
I only hope that there will be a vast improvement by the time i travel to the Nou Camp in Barcelona as i feel i have been badly let down by a group i love so much.

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