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"I have a female assistant that would like to sit on Larry's drum stool. A male one, too." — Bruce Springsteen, at U2's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction

by Hamish McAlpine

Wasn't going to go to this concert, as when the tickets were released, decided they were too expensive....

We were in the peasants standing area, just to the left of the left-hand speaker stack, where the sound was very muffled/confused, and we couldn't make a word out what Bono was saying. In fact, I realised that the highlights of the show for me, "One" and "Running To Stand Still", were due to the fact they were quiet enough to make out clearly.

Coupled with the fact the stage was way too low (by at least 5ft., I reckon), made it difficult to see the whole band, and I'm 1.78m height ! When Bono went for a walkabout on one of the lower catwalks, we couldn't see him at all.

While in general, I enjoyed the "show", the downers just didn't make it the fantastic night out that I expected, and really I would have expected better from the U2 tech./sound team. In normal circumstances I would give them another chance at another gig, but at about £60 a shot, I can see this being my last U2 stadium gig....

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