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"Our job, if anything, is to connect in a way, to express something that's personal to us that other people can relate to." — Edge

by BB

my 15th time seeing U2 and in my hometown well close! first of all the scots crowd was at there usual best going crazy:-) the sound wasnt that great i was in manchester for the 2 u2 shows and it sounded much much better i guess putting the stage right in the middle and side of park was a no go. overall u2 played very well i was dissapointed not to hear ' i will follow' but 'All beacause of you' was a nice second tune
bonos vocals were pretty good wish edge had come in for the harmony parts during' whos gonna ride your wild horses' which was great
ive got tickets to live8 so i guess that will be
my 16th time seeing them you could im a wee bit of a fan though this will be the last gig for a while 2 manchester and glasgow shows have drained
my money fast but thats rock n roll for ya
overall glasgow rocked hope there back again
in 2008 or near im guessing this might be there last ever tour and go out on a high


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