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"Songwriting is more like painting than people think. Pictures, feelings in your head — you're instinctively led to them." — Bono

by julie mcginley

Well!!! what a day!!! I have to start by saying that at 9.00 am when we left we were all kitted up with umbrellas and rain jackets prepared to get wet, unfortunately we didn't think about sun cream!!! We got to the stadium about 11.00am and already there was a guy who looked quite like somebody we all know. About half an hour later another guy appeared who looked strikingly like someone else we all know, anyway i asked them to stand together for a photo (you can see what you think yourself).

After what didn't seem too long a wait (thank god for the sun) we got into the elipse (etc etc) and got a pretty good view (well, an excellent view) that good that we got drenched by a bottle of water thrown by a certain irish rock star who had the cheek to wear a pair of shades and pretend it wasn't him, but seriously i was gutted when it dried in!!

All in all i was blown away by the whole gig, i've seen them 5 times now and that was one of the best!!! i have to admit i had tears in my eyes and a major lump in my throat at 'sometimes', there have been a couple of 'Bob Hewson's' in my family (Scottish and Irish pride..tuh!) The whole equality thing is something i feel very passinate about also (thats nothing to so with being a u2 fan) so that pulled a few heart strings too.

I've heard alot of negative stuff about them playing vertigo twice but i though it was fantastic, the only down side i thought was that i got geared up to hear the whole set list again and had to bring myself back down again when i realised it was 'the end'.

P.S. i've posted a pic of me too (i was there, honest!)

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